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The Key to Appearing Confident and Calm…When Under High Stress and Pressure

Four Ways to Take Care of Yourself During Periods of High Stress

Let’s be honest — you’re under a lot of pressure at work right now. Whether you’re leading a new project, helping the company navigate a public relations nightmare, or simply in the midst of a busy season, your stress level has been consistently high for days. The first part of alleviating stress is recognizing its… Read More »

3 Ways to Motivate an Otherwise Unmotivated a Non-Passionate Co-Worker

Working alongside passionate people who truly care about their jobs is inspiring. Most of your co-workers fit this description, but there’s one who stands out — in a bad way. This person is never excited to be at the warehouse and seems to take no pride in their work. It’s possible they need to start… Read More »

Don’t Waste Your Money on a 2017 Planner — Use These Affordable Resources Instead!

Staying organized is the secret to success, but buying a 2017 planner can be expensive. Thankfully, HTSS, Inc. — one of the best employment agencies in the Lehigh Valley — has a few completely free suggestions just as fabulous as anything you’ll find in a store. Sure, there are plenty of digital options to help… Read More »

The Top 4 Reasons to Find (and Befriend) a Career Mentor

Making your way in the professional world isn’t easy. With so many available routes to take, it can seem impossible to know the best way to get to your dream job. Finding and befriending a career mentor who is more than willing to play a role in your journey is an incredible way to chart… Read More »

Resume Mistakes Everyone Makes…So You Won’t

Competition for top jobs at the best companies is always intense, so if you want to get an interview, your resume must be flawless. As a highly motivated candidate, you’ve probably spent hours perfecting your resume and believe it to be impeccable. There’s no doubt you’ve done a great job with it, but there’s always… Read More »