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Is Your Onboarding Process Outdated…and Boring?

Is Your Onboarding Process Outdated?

Hiring a new employee is a huge deal — but you’re far from done when they sign their offer letter. In fact, top employment agencies in Lehigh County will tell you it’s very common for people to quit if your onboarding process doesn’t properly prepare them for their job. If your introductory activities are outdated… Read More »

How Can You Effectively Convey Your Accomplishments on Your Resume

Convey Accomplishment on Resume | HTSS Inc

You’re a seriously talented professional, but hiring managers won’t know this if your resume doesn’t properly highlight your top accomplishments. Of course, knowing which achievements to include and how to go about it isn’t always easy. There’s only so much space on this key document, so you always want to focus on career triumphs relevant… Read More »

Tired of Watching Your Employees Leave Early at the End of the Day? What Can You Do About It?

Tired of Employees Leaving Early?

Being the boss isn’t easy — especially when employees don’t follow the rules. You like to think you have a pretty fair management style, but it’s definitely bugging you that several staffers have taken it upon themselves to leave work early on a regular basis. As one of the top staffing agencies near Bethlehem, PA,… Read More »

Interview Questions EVERYONE Should Prepare For

Interview Questions Everyone Should Prepare for

You have a big job interview coming up and you want to be as prepared as possible. If you’re working with one of the top employment agencies in Allentown, PA, your recruiter will coach you for the interview, but if not, you’ll need to work extra hard to make a great impression. While there’s no… Read More »

How Can a Staffing Firm Speed up Your Time to Hire to Make Sure Your Production Doesn’t Decrease?

Your team is about to be short-staffed — or maybe it’s already happened. Right now, your existing employees are holding down the fort by taking on additional responsibilities, but you know this is a very temporary solution. Hiring fast is a must, but you’re not willing to sacrifice quality, so you’re thinking about taking on… Read More »

Can Job Seekers Still Find GOOD Jobs on LinkedIn?

There’s no doubt about it — LinkedIn is a professional networking site that offers limitless career potential. This platform makes it easy to create new connections and nurture existing relationships, but can it actually still be used to find good jobs in Lehigh Valley? The short answer is yes. Many people do find outstanding career… Read More »

The Key to Planning Your 2022 Career Growth

Now that the new year is here, you’re ready to get to work — on your career. You want to make some major strides this year, so you’re thinking about working with a temp agency in Lehigh Valley to try out a few different types of jobs, while fleshing out your resume. This is a… Read More »

Struggling to Get Candidates to Apply to Your Open Job? Learn How HTSS Can Help!

Finding Workers in Allentown PA

You posted a job online a while ago, however, you’re largely hearing crickets. This is a problem, as you really need to fill the position — and with someone who really wants it. Working with a staffing Vendor in Allentown, PA is the solution you might not realize you need. A staffing firm has both… Read More »

Do I Need a Resume for a Warehouse Job in Lehigh Valley?

Improving Your Morning Routine | HTSS Inc.

You’re in the market for a warehouse job, but you’re not quite sure how the hiring process works. Specifically, you don’t know if it’s necessary to include a resume with your job application. While all employers might not require a resume, it’s always important to submit one. Going the extra mile shows the hiring manager… Read More »

How Long Does a Job Search Usually Last?

Finding a Job in Lehigh Valley | HTSS Inc

A question originally found on Quora, job seekers want to know “How long does a job search usually last?”. If you’re searching for a new career opportunity, it makes sense that you’d want an approximate idea of how long it might take to get hired. However, many different factors affect the length of a job… Read More »