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Looking to Replace an Employee? Use These Tips to Do it Discreetly

Not every working situation is perfect. There will be times in your career as a manager where you have to make the difficult decision to terminate an ineffective employee. However, before you burn down those bridges you may want to make sure you have the positioned covered. How can you search for a new employee… Read More »

What Does a Candidate’s Interview Tell You About Their Overall Work Ethic?

Interviewing has become a lost art form. Many hiring managers don’t really know what to ask or what to say during an interview and it quickly becomes a one sided conversation. With the right skills, a hiring manager can use this initial meeting to drill down to the core of each candidate, learn what makes… Read More »

Are Quality Issues Impacting Your Bottom-Line?

Every time you make a hiring decision you are risking infecting your company with the wrong kind of attitude. Are you prepared for this risk? The actual cost of a bad hire becomes exponential for as long as the employee is at your company and it is more than just the money you pay for their salary.… Read More »

Looking for a Temporary Job While on Break from College?

If you’re back in the Lehigh Valley area on your summer break you may be looking for some short term work to earn some extra money before returning to college in the fall. Here are a couple of the available positions you may qualify for. Call Center Representative in South Bethlehem Candidates must be available… Read More »

Can You Afford to Send Your Employees to Training Seminars? Can You Afford Not To?

Is continuing education for your employees really important for their career development? Your employees should be an investment for the future of your company. Unfortunately, many companies take the wrong approach and view their employees as expendable. It may be time to change that outlook. Let’s look at some of the reasons you should consider… Read More »

Creating a Dress Code that is Appropriate for Your Company

Dress codes can make or break employees and can influence the public opinion of your organization. Choosing how to allow your staff to dress is complex and based on a number of factors. 4 Ways to Determine Your Company Dress Code Your corporate culture. The first thing to determine is not which clothes are good… Read More »

To Find Top-Tier Candidates You Need Top-Tier Job Descriptions

Like a resume for a candidate, your job description is the first impression you will make on potential future employees. It may be time to reconsider how to write them and how to present your open jobs to the right individuals and attract the best candidates. 4 Ways to Update Job Descriptions to Attract Top-Tier… Read More »

Staffing for Culture: Selecting Candidates that Fit the Mold

Hiring candidates for the skills they possess is only one part of the puzzle that will ensure success. In today’s complex workplace it is also important that your employees fit your company culture. You want to work with individuals who share the same values and will be able to live out your corporate mission statement.… Read More »

3 Reasons to Supplement Your Staff With Temporary Help

Have you been contemplating the need for more employees in your office? Hiring new employees is an expensive and time consuming prospect. Before you decide to place that ad, consider working with your local staffing service to bring in temporary workers. Here are three reasons you should supplement your current staff with temporary help before… Read More »

Creating Top Notch Customer Service in the Workplace

Customer service isn’t just an issue for retailers or the hospitality industry. If every industry treated their core consumer base with the right customer service experience, they would see their business take off in no time. Creating top notch customer service in your business, regardless of your industry, is important to the health of your… Read More »