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Getting Your Employees to Think Strategically

It isn’t enough to simply be good at what you do in business today to be successful. There are several approaches that top companies use to gain the competitive edge. Strategic thinking is one of the best skills a leader can teach their staff and empower the team to perform at the top of their… Read More »

Revamp Your HR Department in 2014 with These Tips!

Is it time to reevaluate and revamp your human resources department this year? A new year can shed new light on ideas and concepts to try out in your business. How can you make it more effective and efficient? The marketplace is changing so quickly that companies need to keep up or they might find… Read More »

Tackle Workplace Conflicts with Engaged Conversation

All relationships, including those in an office environment, will eventually be faced with some level of confrontation. When workplace conflicts happen it is up to the leader to take the position of authority and steer the team back to a productive place. How can you do that without being labeled a micromanager or affecting the… Read More »

How to Manage Different Personality Types in Your Office

A good manager understands how to communicate with a variety of people depending on their specific personality traits. If you are managing a number of individuals you may find that the difference in the personalities of your staff can be overwhelming when each member requires different communication styles. What are the best ways to effectively… Read More »

Personal Branding and Social Media

Believe it or not, more people check your social media pages than you think and that includes potential employers. When it comes to personal branding it is important to make sure you are always putting your best foot forward, especially online. If you’ve been wondering how to position your social media and online presence, here… Read More »

Top Jobs in Lehigh Valley

Are you in the market for a new opportunity? Are you looking for warehouse, facilities, or industrial positions? At HTSS, we always have new opportunities available. Here are a few top jobs currently open right here in the Lehigh Valley area. Stand-Up Forklift Operator in Bethlehem, PA. We are seeking a stand-up forklift operator. This… Read More »

You Can’t Fire Me For That! (Or Can You?)

Just Googling the phrase “tattoos in the workplace” you will get a number of different results both positive and negative about body art and professional jobs. What are the rules when it comes to tattoos? What can employers require of their staff? In this post we discuss tattoos in the workplace and the legality of… Read More »

Overcoming Negativity in the Workplace

Put simply, all employees are not happy to be at work every day. Whether it is stress from family or the fact that the weather is too nice to focus on work, certain circumstances can crush employee morale. Minimizing employee negativity is essential to maintaining productivity and ensuring a successful team. This post will discuss… Read More »

Tips on Managing Millennials in Allentown

Soon, the millennial generation will overtake the baby boomers as the largest population in the workforce. Due to the vast differences in the way these generations conduct business it is important for management to learn how to effectively supervise Generation Y. As a member of the Boomer generation or even Generation X, how can you… Read More »