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OSHA Regulations: Fire Prevention Plans

OSHA requires that all qualifying companies have a proper fire prevention plan that is specific to their industry and business. Before making a fire prevention plan it is important to review your industry’s standard and plan accordingly. 5 General Requirements on Fire Prevention Planning in the Workplace Your Plan Should be Available in Writing. All… Read More »

Are You Pushing Your Staff Past Their Breaking Point?

It’s important to challenge your staff so that they reach beyond their potential, but pushing anybody too far might cause them to look for work elsewhere. How do you know where to push and where to stop? Before your drive anyone on your team to your competitors here are some easy to follow tips to… Read More »

OSHA Regulations: Emergency Action Plans

OSHA, or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, requires that businesses maintain certain safety standards for production and other industry workplaces. In the event of an emergency businesses should have detailed action plans that are easy to access and follow by everyone in the department. Employees need to be trained in the proper procedures as… Read More »

How Will the Affordable Care Act Impact Your Organization?

The Affordable Care Act still has a lot of unanswered questions, especially when it comes to organizations and their role in providing healthcare to their contingent workforce. Here is the first installment of a series based on the American Staffing Association’s answers to these pressing questions. In this Affordable Care Act look-in, we take a look… Read More »

OSHA Regulations: Occupational Noise Exposure

Manufacturing environments can be very loud places. It is important to understand the impact noise can have on the hearing of your staff members and mitigate it the right way. OSHA provides some insight on how to handle this and following their regulations will allow your company to remain compliant. 5 Requirements for Occupational Noise… Read More »

How to Manage Employees with Differing Personalities

Each of your employees will have a distinct personality and those personalities will be very different than your own. As a manager, it is important that you understand how to manage diverse personalities in the workplace. Our team of experienced recruiters has put together a list of 4 ways to understand and manage employees with… Read More »

OSHA Regulations | What are the Requirements on Fixed Ladders?

If your facility requires employees to work on fixed ladders it is important to understand the OSHA regulations that govern the safety of this equipment. Different types of warehouse environments may use fixed ladders. How can you ensure that your team is safe and that you’re in compliance? 7 OSHA Requirements of Fixed Ladders Design… Read More »

Looking to Replace an Employee? Use These Tips to Do it Discreetly

Not every working situation is perfect. There will be times in your career as a manager where you have to make the difficult decision to terminate an ineffective employee. However, before you burn down those bridges you may want to make sure you have the positioned covered. How can you search for a new employee… Read More »

What Does a Candidate’s Interview Tell You About Their Overall Work Ethic?

Interviewing has become a lost art form. Many hiring managers don’t really know what to ask or what to say during an interview and it quickly becomes a one sided conversation. With the right skills, a hiring manager can use this initial meeting to drill down to the core of each candidate, learn what makes… Read More »

Are Quality Issues Impacting Your Bottom-Line?

Every time you make a hiring decision you are risking infecting your company with the wrong kind of attitude. Are you prepared for this risk? The actual cost of a bad hire becomes exponential for as long as the employee is at your company and it is more than just the money you pay for their salary.… Read More »