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Five Quotes to Share with Your Team to Get Them Motivated and Productive!

Motivational Quotes for the Workplace

Even the hardest working teams sometimes need a little push. If your talented employees are feeling a bit sluggish, it’s time to help them break out of their rut. Finding the right words to rouse them can be a bit of a challenge, so instead of spending an inordinate amount of time writing a motivational… Read More »

Three Reasons to Take on a Side Job While Working Full-Time

Reasons to Take on a Side Job

Working full-time takes up at least 40 hours of your week, so the thought of holding an additional side job might sound crazy, but it can be an incredible experience. Whether you’re a bit strapped for cash or feeling stuck in your current career path, dedicating a little of your free time to another job… Read More »

What Steps Can You Take After Really Messing Up Your Interview?

Following Up After an Interview | HTSS Inc

It never feels good to leave a job interview feeling like you failed to impress. Whether your nerves got the best of you or you didn’t prepare as much as you should’ve, you know you didn’t present your very best self to the hiring manager. While you can’t go back and re-do the interview, you… Read More »

Don’t Miss These October Happenings in the Lehigh Valley

October Events Lehigh Valley

Halloween season is upon us and the Lehigh Valley has no shortage of fun, family activities to enjoy all month long! If you love this time of year as much as we do, you might want to take your kids to every Halloween happening in the area. Hausman Fruit Farm If you’re a Lehigh Valley… Read More »

Three Morning Habits That Can Help You Kickstart Your Day

Creating Better Morning Habits | Job Connections Allentown PA

If you end each day wishing you had accomplished more, it’s time to give your day an overhaul — starting at the very beginning. Waking up earlier is the secret to maximizing your productivity, so trade your late-night television habit in for a good book in bed and get to sleep earlier. When you wake… Read More »

Four Mobile Applications to Help You Become More Organized and More Productive

Mobile Applications to Help You Get Organized | Job Agencies in Allentown PA

Organization is the key to productivity, but thankfully there’s more than a few apps to help you maintain order. In fact, if you have a smartphone or a tablet, there’s really no excuse to live in chaos, because a few clicks of an app is all it takes to become more efficient. If you need… Read More »

Are Your Team-Building Events Helpful? Or a Giant Waste of Time?

Summer Team Building | Emmaus PA

When properly executed, team-building events can be hugely beneficial to your company, but all activities will not create your desired impact. If you’ve recently held a couple events in Emmaus, PA to strengthen your team, it’s time to step back and assess the outcome to make sure you’re not wasting time and resources. Three Questions… Read More »

A Look Into Health and Wellness: The Impact Your Shoes Have on Your Job

Tips for Buying Proper Workplace Footwear

For many people, shopping for shoes is a fun — albeit necessary — way to complete an outfit, but if you work in a warehouse or any other setting where standing is part of the job, the shoes you choose directly impacts your health and wellness. Unlike many office jobs where employees pretty much have… Read More »

Are you Micromanaging Your Team Past Their Breaking Point?

Micromanaging Your Employees | Lehigh Valley Staffing Firms

As the boss, you’re under a tremendous amount of pressure to produce outstanding results that make for a healthy bottom line, so your hands-on management approach is understandable. However, there’s a fine line between being involved and being a micromanager — and crossing into the latter territory helps no one. If you must have a… Read More »

Get Out and Enjoy Fall in the Lehigh Valley!

Lehigh Valley Events Fall 2016 | HTSS Inc

At HTSS, Inc., we can’t get enough of fall and there’s nowhere we’d rather spend this magical season than the Lehigh Valley. The leaves are about to start changing, temperatures are becoming pleasantly crisp and we’ll soon be ending the day huddled around a cozy fireplace. Make the most of the season by getting out… Read More »