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The Top 4 Reasons to Find (and Befriend) a Career Mentor

Making your way in the professional world isn’t easy. With so many available routes to take, it can seem impossible to know the best way to get to your dream job. Finding and befriending a career mentor who is more than willing to play a role in your journey is an incredible way to chart… Read More »

3 Ways Team-Building Events Can Have a Long-Lasting Impact

Motivational Quotes for the Workplace

At first glance, sending your staff off into the woods to complete a ropes course or challenging them to work their way out of an escape room together may seem completely irrelevant to your company, but they actually serve a very productive purpose. If you’ve recently hired a host of new employees or your long-time… Read More »

Enjoy Spring in Lehigh Valley!

Spring has officially sprung here in the Lehigh Valley! Temperatures are on the rise, flowers are getting ready to bloom and everything feels fresh and new. It’s no secret that every season is fun here in our region, but there’s something so special about the spring months. If cold weather and slick roads kept you… Read More »

Resume Mistakes Everyone Makes…So You Won’t

Competition for top jobs at the best companies is always intense, so if you want to get an interview, your resume must be flawless. As a highly motivated candidate, you’ve probably spent hours perfecting your resume and believe it to be impeccable. There’s no doubt you’ve done a great job with it, but there’s always… Read More »

Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years?

Reasons to Take on a Side Job

Many job interview questions are relatively straightforward, making them simple to answer because you know exactly what the hiring manager wants to hear. Others aren’t so easy to interpret, so coming up with the right response can be challenging — especially if you didn’t prepare for it in advance. The “Where do you see yourself… Read More »

How to Create a Work Environment Employees Love Showing Up To

You have a wonderful staff who consistently does great work for your organization. These people are the key to the lasting success of your business, so you need to do everything in your power to make this the best job they’ve ever had. The salary you pay them is certainly a key factor in their… Read More »

Celebrating Easter and St. Patrick’s Day in Lehigh Valley

Celebrating Easter and St. Patrick’s Day in Lehigh Valley

It’s been a cold, grey winter, so you’re probably more than ready for bright sunshine and warm temperatures! While this winter was more on the mild side than the past few, it’s still exciting to know that the snowiest months of the year are behind us and backyard barbecues and pool parties are on the… Read More »

Is Your Resume Format Outdated? Bring it Up to Speed With These Tips

You’ve had a resume since the very beginning of your career, but just because it’s helped you score interviews in the past, doesn’t mean it’s perfect as-is. If you’ve been off the job market for awhile, your resume definitely needs a makeover before sending it to potential employers. This document will make or break your… Read More »

Are You Giving Your New Employees Enough Onboarding and Training?

Many companies assume the hiring process ends when an offer is accepted, but in reality, that’s just the beginning. After dedicating countless resources to finding the best person for the job, the last thing you want is to have your new employee quit a week or a few months down the road because of your… Read More »

Is that Morning Cup of Coffee Helping (or hurting) Your Productivity?

People swear they can’t wake up without their morning cup of coffee. But, whether or not you want to believe it, this sunrise ritual can actually hinder productivity. If you don’t leave the house or engage in conversation until you’ve had your caffeine fix, you probably find the fact that it’s anything less than a… Read More »